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Finally the first CD of the Rittantico has arrived!

l new work on the Rittantico record "Suoni e Suonni" is available in our merchandising. 

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T-shirt ufficiale - RittAntico 2017

Available in three colors and called different ancient Cilentani: 

Red: Senza ca te lavi e ca t'allisci ca ppe parè pulita ngià ra nasce" (trad: "Without you wash and you adjust, that to be beautiful you have to be born") 

Black: "Me ca lu bì po" (Said typical of Pellare (SA) to affirm: do you see that it is so ?!) 

Bianca: "Nato, cresciuto e pasciuto a lu Ciliento"" (trad: Born, grew up and lived in Cilento) 

CD "Suono Diatonico - International Organ "

di Angelo Guzzo

An album made with the collaboration of other musicians, including Marco Bruno (help arrangements), Nico Taddeo (percussion), Annalisa Chirico (vocals), Tommaso Sollazzo (bagpipes, knocking guitar, mandolin) and so on. The album collects and compares music of different origins. It goes from the Neapolitan tarantella to the Argentine tango, from the French waltz to the montemaran tarantella, from the mazurka to the Irish reel, and could not miss a reference to their native land by inserting a song of devotion to the Madonna del Sacro Monte. 

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