The musicians




He began his musical career at the age of 11, starting to study clarinet. After 2 years, with a passion for music and traditions of the land where he grew up, he began to study the organ. He collaborates with numerous groups in the Cilentan territory, participating in various events and events, both national and international. In 2009, together with other musicians, he founded the RittAntico group, pledging to discover and promote the traditions of his land. In 2013 he recorded his first solo recording work - Suono Diatonico, an international organ - in which he proposed a collection of pieces of different genres coming from different nationalities.


Classical / acoustic guitar - vocals

He has always had a strong passion for music. He began to study the classical guitar at an early age. After some appearances with various groups, struck by the sounds and songs of Cilento, he shifted his attention to the popular genre searching for melodies and sounds of other times gone by ... He took part in the group's foundation as a guitarist and singer, participating in numerous concerts and proudly carrying on the musical traditions of their land



He enters very young in contact with music, trying to learn various instruments, in fact he starts to study organ at the age of five and to practice for a while the clarinet. Soon he is fascinated by the violin which will be his first true love. Soon he joins the group. A deep study and a strong passion led him to give, in a short time, an important contribution to the band..


Voice / Frame Drums

He grew up in the heart of Cilento and began at the age of 10 to study piano, continuing for several years. Since 2003 he began a self-taught career on percussion, particularly approaching popular tradition. He collaborates with several Cilentani groups and after various experiences he participates in the foundation of the RittAntico group, in the role as well as percussionist also of singer. He participates as a host of some songs from album recordings by Cilentani artists, including "Sound Diatonic" by Angelo Guzzo, and "Me ricordo mano mano ca mme scordo" by Marco Bruno.


Voice / Frame Drums

Driven by a strong passion for tradition and for music, he follows a popular music course where he learns to play the tambourine and begins to shift his attention to the folkloristic genre by singing popular songs. Today he studied lyrical singing at the "Giuseppe Martucci" Conservatory of Salerno. He collaborates with Carlo Faiello and various artists in the popular area


Electric Bass

Toni Acca represents an icon of the Cilento folk music. Born as a guitarist but can be considered a multi-instrumentalist. Becomes part of the RittAntico family, in the role of bass player, in 2016, offering immediately, their skills and musical knowledge. His curriculum is almost infinite and full of participations. He took part in numerous national and international performances.



Teacher and dancer, from 2008 begins his artistic journey being in contact with the major representatives of the traditional Cilento tarantella. From here starts and deepens also the other folk dances of Southern Italy, such as tammurriate, pizzica, tarantella calabrese and other tarantelle typical of southern Italy. Performing a continuous research work with the "bearers of tradition", coming into contact with the elderly and expert dancers of Tarentella Cilento, she perfected herself in teaching the latter, becoming the youngest representative of this important form of popular dance. Since 2013 he has been working as a teacher with the cultural association "SUDANZARE" whose headquarters are in Paris. Currently she works as a dancer with the most established traditional musical realities in Cilento, and creates workshops of tarantella together with musicians and traditional bearers. From 2016 he officially became part of the RittAntico training. Among the most significant artistic participations he danced in several popular music festivals in Italy and abroad, he participated in the theater-dance show "History of Maria Tarantata" and held folk dance workshops for the Parco della Musica di Vallo della Lucania. Organizes stable courses of "Dances and popular culture in Cilento